Thursday, April 30, 2009

Let there be GUNS! (Video)

I have decided to make today Gun Day. I don't know if Thursday will become the official Gun day but it is a good possibility. Anyways, on with the show.

I went around the net this morning looking for investment information and I have found a new item to invest in.

This investment combines two of the most stable items you could have when the crap hits the fan and everyone realizes that the Extremists where right about liberals and the US falls under Anarchy. Gold and Kalashnikovs. I get excited just thinking about it. This has given me the idea to start my own investment firm.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, I present Chicks with Guns videos.

Coolest movie EVER!

I would pay real money to go see this movie.

Chicks with AK-47s

I watched this video and my first thought was that most of those girls can not shoot for shit. My second thought was that I do not care. Does that make me a bad person?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Annual Extreme Blog Award

Right Wing Extreme is proud to announce the First Annual Extreme Blog Award. This award is given only to the most extreme blogs; blogs that push the limits of blogging to the very blogging edge and then throws the blog kicking and screaming over the edge. Blogs that give 110% 24/7. Blogs that Rock out. Blogs that kick you in the throat and wipe the blood on their shoe on your shirt.

Right Wing Extreme is proud to present this award to IMAO for their constant commitment to Extremeness. You guys ROCK!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Got your Flu Shot? (Video)

(Blog Note: Due to a family obligations I have fallen behind with this blog. The problem has been taken care of and we now return you to normal service.)


This weekend found all media outlets in the universe screaming that the world as we know it will end because of an outbreak of the flu. The coverage has only gotten worse. Fox, MSNBC, CNN, CNBC and even Bloomberg; no one was immune from the hysteria. To make matters worse look who we have in charge of the whole shooting match.

Yeah, I really feel safe. This is the same woman that does not think that closing the border is "illegal".

Wow. That's all I can say. There is a documented outbreak in Mexico and the Sec of HLS thinks that the sieve that is our southern border is not a problem? Does she think that illegals will stop coming here because they might be sick? Why not just open the damn border and let them just come right on in? If the person charge of keeping us safe doesn't see the problem then I guess we (non-Obama voters) must all just be crazy. (Wait, she has already covered that with the Right Wing Extremist Memo.)

Whew, got a little side tracked there. Sorry for that.

Anyways, the coverage has caused all kinds of unforeseen responses.

China is going to ban US pork and beef even though it has been proven that the flu is not spread by consuming meat. Really? China has billions of people that they are having trouble feeding and they are going to stop buying meat from us? Sounds like a real winning plan to me.

Now it is being reported that there will be "deaths" in the US. The flu kills 36,000 per year per the CDC. There are already deaths. The death toll will rise if this flu turns pandemic.

So, how can we stop it? I don't know if it can be stopped. With our borders leaking like a sieve and with the death toll in Mexico rising forcing more Mexicans north to get away from the epidemic, the spread in the southern US will only get worse.

Can it get any worse? Yep, sure can. The flu has leapfrogged the border and landed in the most densely populated city in the US. New York City. Apparently some students on spring break in Mexico brought back more than tee shirts and tans. Just think about it. The city with the largest population and the fourth largest population density in the US has an outbreak of this new flu.

But, don't worry. The Messiah is on top of things.

God it sure is great to have such a caring person in the White House.

I have one piece of advice for everyone.

The Stand. Read it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Fair Tax: Good idea or Con Job of the Century?

Okay, I was driving home from the city today and I heard a talk show host talking about the proposed Fair Tax. At first I did not understand what the big deal was. It was basically a nationwide sales tax. The big selling points were that no one would pay any federal income tax, medicare tax and social security tax and more importantly the repealing of the 16th amendment and getting rid of the IRS.


Mike Hukabee seems to be mostly on board for this.


Even Herman Cain agrees that it is a good idea.

Hell yeah, where do I sign?!?!

Oh, if only it was so easy.

Okay, here are the problems as I see them.

1. Does anyone really think that the US Government will really allow the Federal Income Tax to die? It might allow it to be shut down for the short term, but, how easy would it be to bring it back in the name of a "national emergency"?

2. Everything you buy will be taxed. EVERYTHING. Food. Gas. Services. Utilities. A $200 electric bill will cost $260. A $20,000 auto will cost $26,000. A $200,000 home will cost $260,000. Anyone think that would be a good thing? Anyone want to get in line to pay more?

3. States will be taxed for anything that they buy or any service that they use; from the electric that they use to power buildings to the paper they buy to write memos. Does anyone really think that these increased costs added on states, already on the brink economically, will not be passed on to the residents of the respective states?

4. Prices will go up. If a company makes sporks, they are going to pay more for the plastic, more for the electricity to run the machines, more for the boxes to package the sporks in, more for insurance for their business, etc. You get the idea. The company will not be paying any corporate tax but the cost of running the business will go up across the board. It remains to be seen if the increase in operating costs will be less than or more than the old tax. I doubt that will be the case.

5. Prebates. Oh my. I don't know about you, but, this is nothing more than welfare. Plain and simple. The government is going to give everyone a check every month. For doing nothing. This is ostensibly to help those under the poverty level not be burdened by the new tax. But, wait. One of the selling points is that the tax would be fair and not be a burden to people. If it is not a burden then why the prebates? And, even more importantly, where is this money going to come from? A lot of people would welcome $500 - $800 a month but I am afraid that it will bring more people to the government entitlement trough. And once you are there, it is hard for a person to get away. Just look a the banks that want to return the bailout money. If we as a people accept a "bailout" from Uncle Sam, will the government be able to tell us how we spend it? Will the government come in and set a budget for us?

The more I think about it the more I am sure that it is not the way to go.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Right Wingers must be Racist because they do not love Obama. (Video)

Well Janeane Garofalo has graced the world with her learned opinion about the whole Tea Party movement. She went on Keith Obermans show and shared with the world her great wisdom about the motives of people who attended.

What? What the hell is she smoking? Just because MSNBC and apparently most of Hollywood has poured themselves a great big glass of the Obama Cool-Aid does not mean that everyone has. Obama won the election with 53% of the vote. That means that the remaining 47% of the country does not agree with the policies of Obama and the things that he stands for. If there are that many people in the US who do not agree with Obama then it only stands to reason that when he tries to get his policies enacted there will be people who are not happy.

For Garofalo to accuse everyone who was attending the Tea Parties of being redneck racists only proves her complete disconnection from reality. Lets put aside for the moment the liberal media's complete underestimating of the number of parties held and the number of people who attended them. If you take just the number of people that the media will admit showed up and then realize that what she is saying is that EVERY ONE of them are clan members you will begin to understand the arrogance of the left. You will get a first hand example of the liberal practice of "labeling".

You don't agree with the Obama? Racist. You don't agree with gay marriage? Homophobe. You think that governments should stay out of peoples business? Extremist. The list goes on. If a liberal runs into a person who they do not agree with the first thing they do is try to put them into a degrading category and ridicule them.

As far as I am concerned Garofalo and Oberman and MSNBC can all kiss my ass. Who the hell do you think you people are? You guys keep on basking in the sunshine emanating from Obama's ass and underestimating the right. Keep that up and see what happens.