Friday, April 17, 2009

Right Wingers must be Racist because they do not love Obama. (Video)

Well Janeane Garofalo has graced the world with her learned opinion about the whole Tea Party movement. She went on Keith Obermans show and shared with the world her great wisdom about the motives of people who attended.

What? What the hell is she smoking? Just because MSNBC and apparently most of Hollywood has poured themselves a great big glass of the Obama Cool-Aid does not mean that everyone has. Obama won the election with 53% of the vote. That means that the remaining 47% of the country does not agree with the policies of Obama and the things that he stands for. If there are that many people in the US who do not agree with Obama then it only stands to reason that when he tries to get his policies enacted there will be people who are not happy.

For Garofalo to accuse everyone who was attending the Tea Parties of being redneck racists only proves her complete disconnection from reality. Lets put aside for the moment the liberal media's complete underestimating of the number of parties held and the number of people who attended them. If you take just the number of people that the media will admit showed up and then realize that what she is saying is that EVERY ONE of them are clan members you will begin to understand the arrogance of the left. You will get a first hand example of the liberal practice of "labeling".

You don't agree with the Obama? Racist. You don't agree with gay marriage? Homophobe. You think that governments should stay out of peoples business? Extremist. The list goes on. If a liberal runs into a person who they do not agree with the first thing they do is try to put them into a degrading category and ridicule them.

As far as I am concerned Garofalo and Oberman and MSNBC can all kiss my ass. Who the hell do you think you people are? You guys keep on basking in the sunshine emanating from Obama's ass and underestimating the right. Keep that up and see what happens.

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