Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Legalize or not?

Should California legalize pot?

I say hell yeah.

Maybe all the damn junkies and pot heads will all move to California and the extra weight will cause the whole state to fall in the ocean.

I don't see a down side to this, do you?


innominatus said...

Background: I've tried pot and I don't like it. I've seen it mess up peoples' lives. If there were a way to just make it disappear, I'd be all for it.

That said, it isn't going to just go away. Here in Oregon they've talked legalizing. The dimwit libs we have in Salem want to tax it like $150/oz if I remember right. People won't pay that much tax, so there'd still be a huge black market. So the libs say the weed needs to be engineered with a genetic marker and grown on state-licensed farms. Weed that lacks the marker would be illegal contraband.

The idea of the state-approved farming of genetically altered drugs freaks me out. I know, I know, I should just shut up and enjoy my Soma. But then we're talking about acres of weed. Some stoner's gonna look at that and say "Dude! Check those buds!" Snip, snip. So the farms will need fences and guards (probably armed) to keep the freeloaders out. Looks really messy to me.

However, if California wants to go for it, I don't care. I just hope Congress is in recess so Pelosi, Boxer and Fineswine are back home in Cali when it falls into the sea!

Tanfa said...

Knowing my luck all the stoners will get lost and wind up in Indiana.